MaryAnne Lindeblad


Director, Washington Health Care Authority

Mary Ann

As Medicaid director for the Washington Health Care Authority, Ms. Lindeblad oversees the Healthy Options program; the Washington Medicaid Integration Pilot; other care management, coordination and integrated care pilots; administrative match; utilization review; transportation and interpreter services; as well as family planning programs, maternity, and other children and family health services. Prior to her current role, she served as director of the Division of Health Care Services in the former Health and Recovery Services Administration at the Washington Department of Social & Health Services; director of the Division of Healthcare Services for the Medicaid Purchasing Administration; and assistant administrator of the Public Employees Benefits Board for the Washington Health Care Authority. She also has experience as the director of operations for Unified Physicians of Washington.

Ms. Lindeblad holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Eastern Washington University’s Intercollegiate Nursing Program and a master’s degree in public health from the University of Washington.

Leadership Project

Goal: Develop a strategic implementation plan to more fully integrate behavioral and physical health services as the first step toward a system-wide, person-centered health home.

MaryAnne Lindeblad developed a long-term strategy to fully integrate behavioral and physical health services. Through this strategic planning process, she sought to: (1) create partnerships with stakeholder groups, the legislature, and county government; (2) identify community options to serve special populations; (3) build a quality strategy that identifies outcome measures and data needs for performance monitoring purposes; and (4) assure an organizational structure to support an integrated system of care.  Building on more than five years of legislative and other commissioned reports evaluating the current behavioral health system, Ms. Lindeblad launched an extensive stakeholder engagement process to move toward integration.