Highlights from the Fifth Annual NAMD Boot Camp

Wed, 05/30/2012

The fifth annual NAMD Boot Camp was held in Arlington, VA, on May 20, 2012. CHCS collaborated with NAMD on this one-day program that brought participants from 22 states together to discuss opportunities and challenges facing new Medicaid directors and their senior staffs. Selected presentations are below:

Working with Stakeholder Groups   
This session highlighted successful strategies used to navigate relationships with various stakeholder groups including legislators, advocates, other state executive branch colleagues, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services contacts, providers, and Governors.
  • Judy Mohr Peterson, PhD, Medicaid Director, Oregon Health Authority
  • Billy Millwee, Associate Commissioner, Medicaid and CHIP, Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Medicaid's Changing Persona: Using Strategic Messaging to Drive Program Goals

As Medicaid's role expands with health reform, clear, consistent, and strategic messaging can be invaluable in facilitating program goals. GMMB shared findings from national research on the public's perception of Medicaid and provided guidance on how to effectively frame messages for various audiences.  The discussion covered specific messaging challenges and ways to incorporate a messaging mindset into overall program operations.
The Implications of Health Reform for States 
This panel offered varying state perspectives about implementing health reform and the structural implications of the Affordable Care Act for state Medicaid agencies. Panelists discussed infrastructure changes within their respective Medicaid agencies and efforts to create operational connections with the exchanges.
  • Darin Gordon, Director of TennCare and Deputy Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration
  • Scott Leitz, Assistant Commissioner, Health Care Administration, Minnesota Department of Human Services
  • Doug Porter, Director, Washington Health Authority

Staffing, Delegating, and Leading During Difficult Times

This session focused on interpersonal challenges and techniques for leading Medicaid agencies including self- and staff-motivation, garnering support, and delegating work.


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